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Screenshot of video session

We are now able to offer telemedicine appointments for the duration of the COVID-19 epidemic in Colorado. All of our doctors are available for telemedicine appointments. In some cases it may not be possible to address your health concern in a telemedicine appointment*; in that case, we will recommend that you schedule an in-person appointment in our clinic if you are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or are not self-quarantining. You must have an email address and a device capable of real-time audio and video, such as a smartphone, iPad, or desktop computer and browser, to participate in a telemedicine appointment. If you opt for a telemedicine visit, we will bill your insurance for a standard office visit. You will have to pay your copay prior to your telemedicine appointment and you will be responsible for any balance determined by your insurer. Furthermore, our doctors may not be able to diagnose your complaint during a remote visit and a second, in-person visit to our clinic will be required.

Medicare Part B will pay for telemedicine visits. At this time we are still determining if commercial insurers and Medicare Advantage plans will cover telemedicine visits. If you are interested in a remote visit, we encourage you to contact your insurer to ask if they will pay for your telemedicine visit.

*Many conditions require diagnostic testing, such as a hearing test, and a physical examination for an accurate diagnosis while others require an office procedure to alleviate symptoms; many hearing devices require programming in our office.

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