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Header hearing protection Colorado springs ear associates

Cochlear implants have been available for many years but until recently they have only been suitable for treating profound hearing loss and deafness. Cochlear® has introduced the Hybrid Implant System to address the needs of patients who have profound high and mid-frequency hearing loss but can still hear low-frequency sounds. A patient with this type of hearing loss can hear all the lawnmowers in the neighborhood but never hears a bird singing, or they can manage a conversation with an adult son but can barely understand their young grandchildren.

The Hybrid Implant System uses cochlear stimulation technology to restore lost hearing and adds traditional low-frequency audio amplification to enhance the low-frequency hearing that remains. It is in essence the combination of a cochlear implant and a traditional hearing aid.

If you struggle with listening to conversation and music but always hear a truck driving by, you may benefit from a Hybrid Implant System. Please request an appointment for an assessment of your hearing loss.

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